Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anti-Torture Legislation Campaign

The SF 8 recently released a joint statement calling for supporters throughout the country to work towards passing local anti-torture legislation. The BBC will participate in this campaign and is currently organizing a community outreach effort throughout the Portland area. We will be circulating petitions demanding that " all prisoners and detainees in Maine be treated in accordance with the UN Convention Against Torture (CAT). The collective is in the early stages of drafting legislation banning the practices currently in place throughout Maine's jails and prisons that violate the Convention.

We view this campaign as an important opportunity to express support for the SF 8, let the state and federal government know that we condemn their use of torture and to defend the many prisoners throughout our state currently suffering from the systematic human rights abuses occurring within Maine's prison system. ( Click on the video below to witness a routine cell extraction at the Maine State Prison. This video was given to journalist Lance Tapley by a source who wished to remain anonymous. )

If you are interested in getting involved in the campaign or would like copies of the petition sent to you to distribute in your community please contact us. or (207) - 766 - 8091

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Ron said...

Good work, BBs! Keep it up!
Check Deane's webpages every now and then; you might find something of interest:

Ron Huber
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