Saturday, June 28, 2008

End Torture in U.S Prisons - Street Workshop Congress Square Portland ME 6/30 5-7p

Join members of the Black Bird Legal Collective in recognizing Torture Awareness Month with an outdoor workshop on Maine/U.S prison conditions and a public reading of prisoner testimonials. This workshop will focus on the human rights violations taking place in the SuperMax unit of Maine State Prison, the efforts being made to end these practices and the ways that individuals can get involved. We must assure that the voices of incarcerated community members are not locked away! We must assure that violence carried out by prison officials/guards gathers the same attention and reaction that would occur if it were carried out by police in the streets of our cities! We will be reading the testimonials of Maine prisoners at this event and at events throughout the summer. We are advancing our campaign to challenge prison conditions in our state and to carry on the anti-torture legislation campaign put forth by the San Fransisco Eight ( ) To get involved in this campaign contact us. Let's Fight To Win!!.

' Till We Unite We're All Potential Prisoners!

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