Wednesday, October 15, 2008

8 Week Petitioning Drive Oct. 23 - Dec 11th

5-7P MEET AT USM's Woodbury Campus Center

The Black Bird Collective will be kicking off an eight week petition drive to culminate the first phase of our anti-torture petitioning campaign. The campaign, inspired by a joint statement from the San Fransisco Eight, ( ) has allowed us to raise the issue of human rights violations in ME's prisons within our community throughout the past year.

We have nearly 600 petitions at this time and aim to hit our 1200 signature goal through this 8-week effort. The petitions demand that " all prisoners and detainees in Maine be treated in accordance with the U.N Convention Against Torture ( CAT ). CAT prohibits the intentional infliction of severe physical or mental pain and suffering by public officials for purposes of intimidation, administering punishment, obtaining a confession or for any reason based on discrimination. " We will be presenting these petitions to local politicians in an effort to gain support for a piece of statewide anti-torture legislation.

On Thursday evenings from 5-7 pm we will be hosting an information table in front of USM's campus center as well as coordinating a door-to-door petitioning effort throughout the city. Get involved in the following ways:

* Volunteer to staff the table - Talk to students, collect petition signatures and distribute literature

* Hit the streets - Knock on doors with BBC members and others to gather signatures and to raise awareness of ME/US prison conditions

* Spread the word - Post info about the petition drive on your website, list serve and in your community

* Contact Black Bird to have petitions sent to you for independant petitioning

Call 329-7145 for more information

' Till We Unite... We're All Potential Prisoners

In Solidarity and Struggle -

Black Bird Collective

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